Email Template
Raven provides a simple email form template to send emails via any provider. The email template is comprised of 3 parts -
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While the subject is pretty straightforward, the email body needs to be provided in HTML. If you have email templates designed already, you can just copy-paste the HTML.


For attachments, you can add new attachments to the template as many as you would want to send. Each attachment has a type, file data key and a file name key. The file data key and file name key would be like {{attachment_1}} and {{attachment_name_1}}. The type specifies whether the attachment is a text file or some other format (PDF, JPEG etc). The attachment data should be encoded in Base64 encoding and passed as a value to the file data key in the Send Event API. Also, the name of the attachment that you want to send in the email should be passed as a value to the file name key.


You can add email headers like reply-to, sender etc in the Integration tab while setting up the email provider integration.

Dynamic Content

Any dynamic content can be supplied in the template in handlebars. For example: {{name}}. Raven will replace these variables with the value passed in the Send Event API.
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