Raven allows you to manage notifications across all channels at one place. You can easily add a channel, manage templates and deliver your notifications with the best strategy.
This documentation will help you understand how to use Raven and start sending notifications. If you have not created an account already, please signup here.

⭐ Terminologies


Apps contain all your notification data in one place. You can create multiple apps as per your use-case like a Merchant and Customer app or a Production and Staging app. Check Apps doc for more details.


To send notifications to a channel, you need to integrate various providers in your platform like Twilio, MessageBird, Firebase etc. Raven has already integrated all of these channel providers for you. This reduces any effort in getting started with your channel. Check our Integration doc for more details.


Events define which notifications to send, what should the content be and how they would be sent. You can configure all the details on the dashboard without having to write a single line of code. Check our Events doc for more details.


You can create users on Raven and manage their preferences. Although optional, this can help you send notifications on the best channel based on user preferences. Check our Users doc for more details.

Logs & Metrics

You can track and monitor all notifications sent by Raven. We track the status reports from the providers and update the logs. This helps easily analyse issues. Metrics gives you an overview of the notifications being sent like delivery rates, latencies etc. Check our Logs & Metrics doc for more details.