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πŸ“œ Logs

Every event that is sent to Raven is logged and can be viewed in the Logs section. Since you can send notifications on multiple channels in a single event, you will see the status of each notification by clicking the Event log.
On clicking an Event log, its timeline will be shown. The timeline displays each notification, its status and the callbacks received from the provider. You can also see the payload corresponding to each request/response.
Log timeline

List of Statuses

Following are the list of statuses that are shown in the logs:
Requested queued in Raven
Raven has sent the request to the provider
Provider has accepted the request
Notification is delivered
Provider API failed, Notification failed to deliver
Error in the request sent to Raven
Notification read
Notification clicked
Email, Push
Notification opened
Notification shown in UI


You can reach out to us at [email protected] if you need any of the following:
  • A list of downloadable logs (of all notifications with their statuses) for a time period.
  • If you do not wish Raven to log the payload data, we will disable logging for your app/account. Alternatively, if you have critical data in the payload like OTP, you can mask that information for Viewer and Editor roles. Check out our Security doc for more details.

πŸ“ˆ Metrics

You can check all your events performance across all channels in the Metrics section You can apply different filters to get the desired analytics. You can filter basis the Event, Channel , Provider over a selected period of time and interval.
You can even download the aggregate metrics in CSV format for all channels.

Top Stats

You can see both in count and % breakup of every status of the notifications.
Total: Total notifications that were requested to be sent.
Processed : Number of notifications processed successfully by Raven.This means Raven was able to send the message to the specified recipient and with the configured integration.
Sent: These are the notifications that were successfully sent to the integration.This means Raven received a 200 OK response from the integration provider for the request.
Delivered: These are the notifications that were successfully delivered to the user.This is measured by mapping the delivered callback responses from the integrationprovider.
API Failure: These are the notifications that Raven tried sending to the integration provider but received an API Failure. This can be due to their API timing out, or 4xx/5xx response from the provider.
Delivery Failure: Delivery failure happens when provider accepts the message but isn't able to deliver the message
Error: These are the notifications that were not processed because of either Invalid request object, Invalid Event configuration, Invalid Template or Invalid User details
No Status : These are the notifications for which there has been no update from the integration provider. Until a callback response is received from the provider, we will not know what isthe final status of the notification.


You can generate alerts to your email/slack channel, if a condition is met. This feature is currently WIP. You can reach out to us if you want alerts for one of the following:
  1. 1.
    Delivery rate for a channel drops below x%
  2. 2.
    Provider latency drops below x%
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